Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Miley Rocks Out with Extensions

Lucky me, well maybe not really... 5:30am my alarm went off and I got ready to rock out VIP style at a Miley Cyrus concert that was being filmed live for this morning's Good Morning America segment. I found myself with two of my coworkers, (one who's so sickly obsessed with Miley she even has a pen that sings her songs), practically slammed up against the stage front and center surround by hundreds of screaming children and tweens.

The girl was gorgeous. A true rockstar with glowing skin, perfect teeth (or should I say veneers), trendy, dark polished nails, little make up that accentuated her eyes and long, layered hair that she flipped around as she performed.
Extensions done right. I have a new found respect.

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  1. I read on TMZ Miley uses Coonobabe makeup. I went to their site, and wanted to know if anyone knows what lipstick/glosses she buys from them? Thanks…Maria.