Monday, March 23, 2009

Ban the Brazilian!?

The Garden State may soon be full of bushes! On April 14th the state Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling will meet to decide whether they should ban Brazilian waxing in New Jersey. This whole controversy stems out of two separate incidents in which women were injured and hospitalized from the risque waxing procedure. Regular bikini waxes will still be permitted.

Ladies, be careful of where you get waxed, and let the Brazilian live on!


  1. I heard about this. I may be living in Jersey for quite a few more years, and... what the hell??? Doesnt our government have more important issues to worry about.. the economy... environment... education.... brazilian bikini waxes??? maybe we need to rethink our priorities a bit. And besides, Jersians are always just a train ride away from a Braziain anyway.

  2. Seriously could not believe this. Thank goodness it got overturned, or whatever it was that happened. All's I know is that what I do to my nether regions is none of the government's business! (Posted a blog about it here: